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Why Buy Nutri?

Company Profile
Nutri was founded in 1981 to meet the vision of its founders. That vision was to supply the highest quality and most effective nutritional supplements available backed up with outstanding customer service to rapidly and directly meet the needs of practitioners and their patients.

Attentive Customer Care
Nutri provides the most comprehensive range of efficacious nutritional products backed up with an extensive education programme. The company prides itself on being extremely efficient, simple and easy to deal with and offers you the most attentive customer care and practitioner support in the industry.

A Seamless Extension To Your Practice
Almost every company claims to provide you with excellent service, when the truth is that very few do. We are very proud of the testimonial letters from customers who regularly write to us praising the service they receive. Our aim is to provide a seamless extension to your practice and give you exactly what you want, just when you want it. It's because we consistently provide this quality of service that most of the customers we served when we began over 20 years ago are still with us today.

Extensive Research
Unlike many companies that manufacture a limited range of products in their own facility we scour the globe to bring you products that are produced by companies that are universally recognised as being the leaders in their field. Typically these products have been developed through years of extensive research and enjoy a proven track record for efficacy.

The Nutri Range
Nutri works hand in hand with the finest companies in the nutrition field and as a result you can access a comprehensive range of products assembled to specifically meet the needs of the modern practitioner. The Nutri range includes specialist nutritional supplements, with many innovative products at the cutting edge of technological development.

How are our high standards maintained?
This is achieved through several painstaking procedures. First, we insist that the ingredients our manufacturers use are accompanied by a certificate of analysis to verify the quality and that all ingredients are checked in house to ensure they comply with the certification. Secondly, all our manufacturers must be in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and thirdly, we often test our own products through independent laboratories to ensure that the nutrients they contain are of the declared potency.

When it comes to selecting ingredients we do not cut corners to compete on price. Because our products must be effective and provide results, we select only the finest ingredients to create effective formulations. As a result of this we know that our products offer you and your patients outstanding value for money.

Help Line
Fully trained nutritionists are standing by to provide help and support for you and your practice. In addition, our team of sales order processors take your orders by telephone, fax, post and E mail. You can access all of these services on freephone, freefax and freepost.

Powerful Education
With technological development moving in this industry with lightning speed, education has never been so important. Nutri has long enjoyed a reputation as powerful educators, and has an ongoing educational program including seminars, audio tapes, books, newsletters, technical articles and of course the freephone help line.

Synergy Occurs When Supplier And Practitioner Come Together
We believe that real synergy occurs when supplier and practitioner come together as one to serve and meet the needs of the patient. Everything at Nutri is geared to enable this and we know that this can only be achieved by building a long and lasting relationship with you. A relationship you can rely on to support both yourself and your patients.

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