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What People Are Saying About Nutri

At Nutri Ltd, we regularly receive positive feedback from the many healthcare professionals we work with.  The most consistent message is that our quality formulas and services are helping many healthcare professionals to positively affect the health of their patients. 

Here's just a small selection of what healthcare professionals are saying about Nutri Ltd's products and services........

"Nutri have supported my business over the last 4 years and have been professional and constant throughout that time....."

"Their products, when taken as prescribed, effect remarkable changes in my clients and should there be a need for individual advice on client matters the knowledgeable and enthusiastic team are always very willing to recommend what is needed........" 

"The success of my practice has been greatly enhanced by the products and team at Nutri......."


What People Are Saying About Plant Sterols

The use of plant sterols has become even more popular recently and many healthcare professionals have contacted us to voice their opinions......

"Thank-you to plant sterols for giving me an allergy free summer.  I have been under the gun for years suffering from runny nose, red itchy eyes, aching joints and a feeling of always being tired.  I have had no relief from over the counter drugs and my doctor has been unsuccessful in treating my condition.  I tried plant sterols and within 24 hours I was sympton free.  I thought it was a fluke but I remained sympton free after two weeks and I knew I had found a winner."

“I used to have a chronically stuffed nose that would drip constantly. The doctor told me it was due to allergies to dust mites. After taking plant sterols I seemed to be totally cured! I was amazed at how well it worked. I rarely have a stuffy nose, I take the plant sterols for a few days and I’m clear again.”



“J had been on a steroidal inhaler for 3 years. She was on another inhaler (ventolin) that she used up to 2-3 times per day. She had food allergies, her nose was always stuffed up and she had itchy eyes and a runny nose a lot of the time. She took anti-histamines daily to manage these symptoms. Within 2 weeks of being on plant sterols she was off the anti-histamines and the stuffy nose was completely gone. Her asthma progressively improved. Within two months she was completely off her steroidal inhaler and was using the other inhaler only once a day. She wasn’t having any more full-on asthma attacks.”



“I have been very stressed lately and have been run down, I have had a series of colds and flu I have not been able to get rid of for months. The flu developed into pneumonia and I have been on antibiotics which have not worked very well…Within a few days [of taking plant sterols] I was starting to feel better and within a week I had recovered. After two months on plant sterols I decided to stop it to see if I needed it and after a week I was starting to get a cold again. It proved to me that the product works and that my immune system needs support on a long-term basis. I recommend it [plant sterols] to anyone needing immune support.” 



“I am diabetic using insulin 3 times per day for the past twelve years…After 3 weeks [on plant sterols] I stopped the night-time units…I have had a 20% drop in insulin use and look forward to a continual decrease.”



“C has had eczema since she was very little. It had been under her armpits on both sides quite extensively for years. She would get eczema on her hands whenever they were exposed to any chemicals or detergents and even after folding the laundry. She managed the eczema with cortisone cream. After two months [on plant sterols] her eczema was 90% gone (in places where it had been chronic for years) and her hands were completely clear.



“I lived with daily unbearable body pain, severe headaches, insomnia, and depression. I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia and then I was introduced to plant sterols. I was able to almost immediately fall asleep without the use of sleeping pills and awoke the next morning feeling rested. It has now been over 3 months. I sleep well almost every night and am virtually free of pain.”



“I have been suffering with prostate enlargement for some time and thought it was one of those conditions men had to put up with.  I was introduced to plant sterols and to my astonishment and excitement it worked with-in a short time, relieving many of the bathroom visits and allowing for increased flow.”



“Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition I have had for a long time. I have been on a series of pharmaceuticals that in themselves are debilitating long term. After three months [of taking plant sterols] I was weaned off my drugs, back sleeping in my bed and feeling so much better.”




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