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Health Appraisal Questionnaires

The following questionnaires are available for you to download completely free of charge.  Use them with your clients to assess health and monitor improvements - just click on the links!


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Using The Health Appraisal Questionnaires in Your Clinic

Take YOUR Health Assessment To Another Level!

"A doctor who cannot take a good history and a patient who cannot give one are in danger of giving and receiving bad treatment" - Paul Dudley White, MD, Father of Cardiology, founding member of the American Heart Association.

Do you sometimes find it difficult to know where to begin with your treatments because you either have too little or too much clinical information from the patient?
To help you and your patients, Metagenics has developed The Health Appraisal Questionnaire (HAQ) System - an approach which utilises a graphical representation of patterns derived from organ system imbalance. The HAQ's 259 questions can easily address your concern regarding insufficient patient data, while the HAQ Bar Graph allows you to quickly visualise patterns of organ system disharmony based on large patient data.
Use the HAQ system to obtain a valuable snapshot of your patients' health status, and see how this simple tool can readily assist you in providing targeted nutritional therapy!
Evaluate Patients' Health Status Quickly, Easily and Accurately
Could you benefit from a tool that can:

    Visually demonstrate to patients their clinical improvement under your care?
    Help improve practitioner-patient communication?
    Help to develop practitioner-patient relationship?
    Help to create patient trust?

The HAQ, a functional medicine tool, is a subjective review of organ systems commonly influenced by diet, medications, stressful lifestyles, and unhealthy habits over the last four months.
This questionnaire system consists mainly of 4 parts :

    The HAQ
    The Health History
    The Nutritional & Immune Status Exam
    The HAQ bar graph

Providing Clinically Relevant Information is Simple with the HAQ
Your patients are instructed to circle the response that best describes their symptom-frequency within the last four months, with each response carrying a weighted score:
No/Rarely (score=0): monthly or less, not relevant
Occasionally (score=1): intermittent, linked to trigger
Often (score=4): 2-3 times weekly
Frequently (score=8): 4 or more times daily, weekly, monthly, or regularly
Gain a Picture-Perfect Perspective on Organ System Imbalance
Based on your patient's scores, the HAQ Bar Graph visually reveals patterns of potential body system imbalance, directing you to specific system(s) which may be associated with your patients' subjective symptoms. These organ systems include:
Liver and gallbladder
Adrenal and thyroid
Glucose regulation
Mood, CNS, brain
Men's health
Women's health
The Benefits of Using a Review of Organ Systems: The Big Picture
Identification of organ and glandular system imbalance is crucial for your patients' quality of life because such a process:

    Demonstrates the potential effects of food, diet, exercise and lifestyle on the patient's health status
    Helps to focus the need of proper lifestyle management
    Helps to expand the application of many natural products

Overall, the HAQ system can assist the healthcare practitioner to:
  • Identify underlying organ system imbalances that directly or indirectly contribute to existing health concerns
  • Retrieve relevant symptom information which patients may not disclose during an interview
  • Help to organise comprehensive historical information into "symptom patterns", the basis for a proper patient evaluation
  • Intervene early in the natural course of conditions, achieving healthy organ function with natural agents
  • Help promote your patients' overall well-being by incorporating the HAQ system in your practice, and easily offer individualised nutritional strategies that target the likely source of your patients' conditions!
If you would like any further information regarding the HAQ system, then please call Nutri's technical department on freephone 0800 212 742, and press option 3.

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