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In today’s nutritional-supplements market, the major players often put profits before patients, making life difficult for UK practitioners seeking the best products. But there is a positive alternative, with the recently-sealed partnership between UK supplement specialist Nutri and US manufacturer Metagenics placing scientific validation, product purity and practitioner education at the heart of everything it does.

Putting patients first – it’s an aspiration many share but one that’s not always delivered on. So it’s reassuring to find a partnership – between UK nutritional-supplements supplier Nutri, and US-based manufacturer Metagenics – that’s founded on this very ideal. For two decades, Nutri has devoted itself to sourcing premium quality supplements from around the world, and today commands a superlative range.  Nutri insists all its suppliers follow strict purity and efficacy guidelines. It also demands partner businesses be universally recognized as industry exemplars in terms of innovation, quality and education.  Crucially, Nutri only sells nutritional supplements through qualified healthcare practitioners – for whom it provides unequalled customer care.  Read More...

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